Testing and Assessment of Marble and Limestone

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WP 9 Dissemination

WP leader IMM
Task leader Task 9.1: Lisbeth Alnæs, SINTEF
Task 9.2: Paola Blasi, IMM
Contents Task 9.1: Guide-lines and other publications
Task 9.2: Fairs, workshops, seminars etc.
Objective To spread and implement the project findings (reports, guidelines etc.) to all parties concerned within and outside the project. To secure awareness of and knowledge about problems and solutions connected to marble and limestone claddings among stone companies, architects, building owners etc.
Background This is the work package where all the findings of the projects shall be documented, disseminated and implemented. This calls for actions and participation from each partner in the consortium, both principal and assistant contractors and also with input from subcontractors and others.
Work Plan

For information contact:
Björn Schouenborg (Co-ordinator), SP 
Phone: +46105166867  
Fax: +46 33 13 45 16 
E-mail: bjorn.schouenborg@sp.se