Testing and Assessment of Marble and Limestone

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WP 6 Laboratory test method

WP leader SP
Task leader Task 6.1: Björn Schouenborg, SP
Task 6.2: Thomas Weiss, UNIGOE
Task 6.3: Björn Schouenborg, SP
Contents Task 6.1: Test method for bowing properties
Task 6.2: Test method for irreversible thermal and hydric properties
Task 6.3: Inter-comparison test
Objective To develop a test method for assessment of the potential risk of bowing.
To develop a test method for assessment of the potential risk of irreversible thermal and hydric expansion. (Existing methods are not applicable for marble or limestone).
Background The partners experience from routine testing of natural stones and the WP leader's experience from organising inter-comparison tests on an international level. The participation of several partners in European standardisation of natural stones CEN/TC 246. Results from previous investigations performed by the partners (SP, RAMBØLL, SINTEF and TUW); i.e. Nordtest and Craft-projects.
Work Plan

For information contact:
Björn Schouenborg (Co-ordinator), SP 
Phone: +46105166867  
Fax: +46 33 13 45 16 
E-mail: bjorn.schouenborg@sp.se