Testing and Assessment of Marble and Limestone

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WP 3 Long term monitoring system

WP leader BRE
Task leader Task 3.1: Tim Yates, BRE
Task 3.2: Bent Grelk, Ramb°ll
Task 3.3: Tim Yates, BRE
Contents Task 3.1: System installation requirements
Task 3.2: On-site monitoring, installation and data collection
Task 3.3: Evaluation of the monitoring performance
Objective Continuous monitoring of deformation/movements for panels and monitoring of environmental conditions in order to determine if bowing is occurring and the changes induced with time. Procedure and requirements to equipment for long term monitoring. Calibration of the risk model.
Background The partners experience from field investigation and monitoring of concrete structures.
Work Plan

For information contact:
Bj÷rn Schouenborg (Co-ordinator), SP 
Phone: +46105166867  
Fax: +46 33 13 45 16 
E-mail: bjorn.schouenborg@sp.se