Testing and Assessment of Marble and Limestone

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Useful natural stone links http://www.immcarrara.com/

IMMs database for natural stones, called International Stone Information Centre can be found under: http://www.isicentry.com

Information about the new building stones network project called OSNET (Ornamental Stones Network) can be found under: www.osnet.ntua.gr

Information about the EU-project I-STONE: “Re-engineering of natural stone production chain through knowledge based processes, eco-innovation and new organisational paradigms.

Aim of the  I-STONE project is the re-engineering of the stone production chain, in order to considerably increase its efficiency and productivity, minimize the amount of stone wastes disposed, produce a new generation of multifunctional products based on stone wastes and safeguard quality in stone application and use.   www.istone.ntua.gr

Page modified: Feb 23, 2010

For information contact:
Björn Schouenborg (Co-ordinator), SP 
Phone: +46105166867  
Fax: +46 33 13 45 16 
E-mail: bjorn.schouenborg@sp.se